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26 May 14 – UKIP the only party in British politics with momentum

Fantastic election results for UKIP over the last several days. We won 167 council seats in the local elections. We also won the European elections with 28% of the vote. We doubled our number of MEP’s in European parliament to … Continue reading

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23 May 14- Phillip and Eric UKIP Results Sky News Interview

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19 May 14 – Labour wants to brush the immigration issue under the carpet

 The Labour party spent 13 years in government trying to shut down the immigration debate. If you discussed Immigration you were a racist. Let’s be clear immigration is an important issue it needs to be discussed and too discuss it … Continue reading

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15 May 14 – The European Union has no democratic mandate

The British people voted to join a common market but over the last 40 years the EU has slowly but surely taken away powers from the European nation states by stealth. No one has ever voted for any of the … Continue reading

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12 May 14 – Domestic Policy Speech – European Election Campaign

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