15 May 14 – The European Union has no democratic mandate

The British people voted to join a common market but over the last 40 years the EU has slowly but surely taken away powers from the European nation states by stealth. No one has ever voted for any of the additional powers to be taken. The EU has turned into a nation state without the voters consent. An anthem, a flag, a foreign policy, massive control of domestic policy areas and several presidents who hardly anyone knows who they are or what they do.

The big problem with the EU is it has no democratic mandate from the people. The three old parties are wilfully trying to con the British people. The three old parties want Britain to continue to be governed by Brussels. If you aren’t happy with EU controlling 75% of our laws and governing our country reject the old parties and vote UKIP. The old parties represent the old politics of Britain shackled to a declining EU market. We in UKIP represent the new politics of a modern Britain that is open to and trading with the rest of the world. We can be friends with Europe, cooperate with Europe and trade with Europe but we don’t have to be governed by Europe. On May 22nd Vote UKIP get UKIP.

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