19 May 14 – Labour wants to brush the immigration issue under the carpet

 The Labour party spent 13 years in government trying to shut down the immigration debate. If you discussed Immigration you were a racist. Let’s be clear immigration is an important issue it needs to be discussed and too discuss it is not racist. We in UKIP will rightly continue to discuss the issue. Labour’s appalling failure on immigration when in office was very clear; 4 million people came to Britain between 1997 and 2010. This has put enormous pressure on our schools, hospitals and housing.

We in UKIP want to have controlled and limited immigration. We want a points system like Australia and New Zealand very successfully have. We believe work permits are the right way forward so we can control both the quantity and quality of people who do come to the country. We aren’t against immigration we are for sensible levels of controlled and limited immigration. At these European elections you have a very clear choice on immigration. The three old parties support open door EU immigration or we UKIP who want to take back control our own borders. On May 22nd vote UKIP get UKIP.

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