25 Jun 14 – Britain should not be the world policeman

We live in a dangerous world and our armed forces should be in a position to protect this country. Britain should stop trying to be the world policeman, we haven’t got the military resources or the political will to do so. The British People are rightly fed up of Britain always having to get involved in everything. I think the former Prime Minister Tony Blair has lost the plot by calling for invention in Iraq and in other countries we can’t and shouldn’t intervene in Iraq or elsewhere. We can’t solve every problem in the world. We need to stop getting involved in endless foreign wars.

We shouldn’t be getting involved in every problem in the world. Our approach should be strong defence and cautious foreign policy. We should fund our armed forces properly and the cutting of our army by 20,000 troops was a stupid and disgraceful act by the current government. We must have a cautious foreign policy and stay out of military adventures. Instead we should defend our own territory and interests. If I’m elected to be the next MP for Hartlepool next year I’ll vote in parliament to increase our armed forces but I will also vote against foreign wars that are not in Britain’s national interest.

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