10 Jul 14 – Does Iain Wright condemn Labour council group for voting for future increase in allowances?

Last week (July 3rd) at the council meeting the Hartlepool Labour group voted to give themselves a future rise in their allowances.
This, in my opinion, is totally unacceptable. It is wrong in principle and I totally condemn it.

As yet we have heard nothing on this from our MP Mr Iain Wright. We are surely entitled to know what he thinks of the actions of Labour councillors, are we not?
My position, the UKIP position, is very clear on this issue. At a time when responsible hard working families are struggling to make ends meet it is morally indefensible for councillors to be milking taxpayers’ cash.
After all isn’t it the Labour Party that are constantly going on about a “cost of living crisis”? Should they not be the ones setting an example and showing restraint?

We demand a statement from Iain Wright on this matter.

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