21 Jul 14 – Over development issue – We should not be building on the green belt

The Coalition Government started the overdevelopment problem by bringing in the national planning policy framework which outrageously is allowing a planning free for all, more building on our beautiful green belt and thereby creating a developer’s charter.

The cancellation of the £1.5 million local plan has seen a dramatic increase in the number of planning applications for large scale housing developments on Hartlepool’s green belt.

According to the public relations company handling the applications there is a demand not only for these houses to be built but also for a long awaited Western by-pass. They seem to be unaware of the A19 which for many years has been Hartlepool’s Western by-pass.

Lets look at hard facts and not P.R. spin.

The population of Hartlepool has increased by about 3% since the 2001 census. This would mean that in that time about 1200 houses had to be built in order to satisfy demand. That demand has been more than met by house building principally at Bishop Cuthbert but also at other, smaller, developments around the town.

There are planning applications in the pipeline for over 7k houses. A case of supply greatly outstripping demand. Developments of this size would accelerate the fall in house prices in the town which in the last year fell by 3.3%. leading to more home owners falling into negative equity.

At this moment in time there are over 1000 houses for sale in Hartlepool, almost 300 of them detached houses. This figure doesn’t include houses already under construction. These figures alone show that there is no demand for large scale housing development in Hartlepool.

The U.K. Independence Party is strongly opposed to over development and these plans are unwanted, unnecessary and if implemented will lead to the destruction of Hartlepool’s attractive green belt.

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