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29 Aug 14 – Douglas Carswell dumps the Tories and joins UKIP

Great that Douglas Carswell has left the Tories and joined us UKIP. The lack of political reform on open primaries, recall of MP’s and direct democracy were his main reasons. Also the Government’s comprehensive failure on Immigration and the EU … Continue reading

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28 Aug 14 – The Issues Facing Hartlepool Speech

Phillip Broughton UKIP PPC FOR Hartlepool – The Issues Facing Hartlepool Speech I talk about Fisheries, NHS, Hartlepool Hospital, Hospital Car parking charges, Councillor Allowances, Unemployment and Immigration. Public meeting in Hartlepool 19th August 2014.

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14 Aug 14 – Hospital parking charges are a national scandal

Hospital parking charges are unfair and unnecessary. These hospital parking charges are a national scandal that needs to end. Hospitals must stop using patients as cash cows. It is absolutely disgusting how much money we pay in tax in Britain … Continue reading

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13 Aug 14 – Give planning power back to the people

It was welcome news that the Tunstall Farm and Quarry Farm planning applications were deferred at the Planning Committee meeting last week.  However, I suspect that this is unfortunately just a minor delay in the process. I have previously stated … Continue reading

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4 Aug 14 – Labour’s appalling Death Tax

“It’s good to tax the dead, they don’t vote.” With these cold, callous words Lord Glasman, one of Ed Miliband’s political advisors expressed his opinion on Labour’s new Death Tax Policy. This proposal shows that The Labour Party have sunk … Continue reading

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