4 Aug 14 – Labour’s appalling Death Tax

“It’s good to tax the dead, they don’t vote.” With these cold, callous words Lord Glasman, one of Ed Miliband’s political advisors expressed his opinion on Labour’s new Death Tax Policy. This proposal shows that The Labour Party have sunk to a new low.

This appalling idea is to introduce a 15% rate of tax on death; it could cost the average estate £46,000”. The death of a family member is the most worrying and painful time in anyone’s life; yet it is at this most vulnerable time that the Labour Party want to hammer families’ hardest”.

It is a vile proposal, totally lacking in compassion and decency. At the heart of their ethos Labour deplores the concept of those who work hard, look after their families and provide for their own future. Look at their record on pensions. When Gordon Brown was Chancellor of the Exchequer he introduced a series of raids on national pension ‘pots’ which devastated the future pension expectations of millions of people by taking a colossal £110 billion out of the system. The pensions system has never recovered from this and millions of people are feeling the effects.”

We should reward people who work hard, not penalise them. The Labour Party should apologise for this disgraceful policy proposal and should publicly deplore the outrageous comments of Lord Glasman. This death tax policy should be totally rejected.

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