29 Aug 14 – Douglas Carswell dumps the Tories and joins UKIP

Great that Douglas Carswell has left the Tories and joined us UKIP. The lack of political reform on open primaries, recall of MP’s and direct democracy were his main reasons.

Also the Government’s comprehensive failure on Immigration and the EU referendum. The net migration figures published yesterday show the government have totally failed on immigration with net migration rising to 243,000. The government haven’t got a pray of meeting there tens of thousands immigration target by the election next year and they know it. And on Europe the Prime Minister is clearing playing political positioning on the EU referendum and he doesn’t want to give the British people a real choice.

Carswell is a man of principle not many other MP’s would put themselves back up for a by election. I think Carswell will win the Clacton by election and he will be the first UKIP MP.

This whole situation proves that UKIP will win seats next year in the general election, people are fed up of the real old parties of failure and they are looking to us as the real change this country needs.

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