1 Sept 14 – Save Hartlepool Hospital Facebook Campaign

Save Hartlepool Hospital Facebook Campaign www.facebook.com/savehartlepoolhospital

We want to keep the Hartlepool hospital at its current site.

We want to bring back services that been removed including accident and emergency services.

We oppose the proposed closures of the GP services at Hartfields medical practice, Fens medical practice and Wynyard road primary care centre.

I have launched this campaign because I’m passionate about the National Health Service. I think when we as a country are spending 120 billion pounds on the Health service the least people should expect is to have the safety of having a local hospital with all the basic services.

I’m going to campaign now as the UKIP PPC for Hartlepool and I’ll take the fight to Westminster if I’m elected as Hartlepool’s MP next year in the general election.

People can join the campaign at the following address;


Hospital Parking Charges

We want to scrap the unfair and unnecessary hospital car parking charges

The practice of charging patients, visitors and even hospital staff to park their cars at NHS hospitals is a scandalous rip-off and must be brought to an end.

Fight against Privatisation

Labour and Tory governments have both done privatisation of the health service.

Blair did it with foundation hospitals and now Cameron is offering services out to private tender.

We will oppose any further moves to push the NHS towards privatisation.

We in UKIP fully support the NHS.

We support the NHS free at the point of use.

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