17 Sept 14 – A shabby, disgraceful pact on Foreign Aid by the Westminster ‘elite’

Last week the three tired old parties representing the Westminster consensus forced through Parliament a particularly shabby deal. The net effect of this deal is to divest British taxpayers of yet more of their money and distribute it across the globe as ‘Foreign Aid’.

There is absolutely no mandate from the public for this increase – in fact there is scant support across the political spectrum for ANY foreign aid whatsoever – coming at a time when our own hard pressed taxpayers are under such pressure to make ends meet.

UKIP want to change this policy dramatically insisting that we should first solve our own problems with our own money before playing the role of ‘Lady Bountiful’ to the rest of the world. Front line, essential services should be prioritised areas of spending for our taxation – Armed Services, Health Services, Police, and border protection in Britain should receive our taxpayers money before countries like India who have a massive defence budget and even their own space programme.

This latest act of folly is further proof of the contempt the Westminster ‘old gang’ hold us in. The time has definitely come for a new broom to sweep through Parliament, one that listens to, and acts upon, the wishes of the people. UKIP is that party and come next May there is a great opportunity to get UKIP MP’s into Westminster – I hope to be one of them.

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