13 Oct 14 – It’s not just the mayor – the political leadership of the council is a shambles

I’m very pleased to hear that some of the councillors have managed to force a meeting today to discuss the mayor’s position – which I believe is becoming more untenable by the day.

I think it’s time the Mayor resigned as the council is in an absolute mess. Hartlepool Council is a laugh stock under this administration.

It’s not just failure on the mayor’s part but the whole way the council is run. Look at what has happened under this leadership;

• The Mayor has been sacked from his day job for gross misconduct but yet continues to bury his head in the sand and says he carries on no matter how embarrassing it is for the local authority.
• The Mayor, the labour and conservative leaderships are facing a police investigation with accusations of bullying a radio station for just having me come on the radio station as a candidate for next year’s general election.
• Scrapping of the 1.5 million local plan which has left Hartlepool open to a planning free for all on housing and wind turbines that is a major threat to the green belt.
• The long running scandal of manor residence association. Involving various labour people.
• Labour councillors vote to increase their own councillor allowances when everyone else is struggling. What planet are these people on?

The whole council is an utter shambles the mayor should resign and frankly the whole leadership of the council should go too.

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