3 Nov 14 – Seaton Carew Wind Turbines – Ugly, costly, unenergetic and will bloat landscape

I oppose the proposed Wind Turbines at Seaton Carew. These wind turbines which are planned at Graythorp Industrial Estate, Brenda Road West Industrial Estate and Tofts Road West will be the tallest wind turbines in the country at a height of 677 foot. I don’t believe people want wind turbines at all but certainly not ones this big.

The problem with wind turbines is they look ugly, cost allot of money, create hardly any energy and bloat the landscape. Wind turbines are not a serious long term fix to our energy gap. I can’t understand this obsession with wind turbines we are an island surely tidal power would be a far better greener option.

UKIP supports a diverse energy market including coal, nuclear, shale gas, geo-thermal, tidal, solar, conventional gas and oil. There will be no new subsidies for wind farms and solar arrays. UKIP will abolish green taxes and charges in order to reduce fuel bills.

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