26 Feb 15 – Cut Business rates to get Shops and Jobs

MORE than one in four shops in Hartlepool is standing empty, according to new figures released.

The Local Data Company’s latest report on vacancy rates, ‘Mind the Gap’, shows the town has the third highest rate of vacancies in the country.

The report analysed more than 3,000 town centres, shopping centres and retail park to deliver a comprehensive insight into the health of Britain’s retail real estate.

It shows Hartlepool has a vacancy rate of 27.3 per cent, behind only Burselm in the West Midlands (29.4 per cent) and Stoke-on-Trent (27.7 per cent).

It is a scandal that a quarter of Hartlepool’s shops are empty. Phillip Broughton is calling on Hartlepool Council to cut Business rates to encourage shops and jobs to the town.

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