27 Mar 15 – Nigel Farage Backs Phillip Broughton – -Young, Energetic and Professional candidate

Nigel Farage told his Ukip supporters in Hartlepool “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

The Ukip leader was one of the speakers at the party’s North East conference at the town’s Borough Hall. He said Hartlepool was one of the areas where the party stood the best chance in the forthcoming election with its candidate Phillip Broughton. Mr Farage said: “We have a young, energetic, professional candidate. It is one of the seats where we will get our first elected representatives to Westminster from the North East of England.

“We need to concentrate our resources on seats we have a real chance of winning.”

The Ukip leader said there was also another seat in the region which he plans to concentrate efforts on, but said he was keeping it under wraps for the minute. He said in many of the North East’s towns and cities there has been a oneparty state.

“UKIP is now the opposition party to Labour and we are going to bring democracy back to the North East of England.” The Ukip leader headed to Hartlepool after claiming the town is “the best place” to gain a regional breakthrough. He said last year that he considered Hartlepool to be “interesting” as he earmarked areas where his party could gain seats.

As the build‐up to May’s General Election hots up, Mr Farage, joined supporters at Ukip’s North East conference today. Speaking on his last visit to the region, Mr Farage told the media in Gateshead: “We will not win where Labour has a massive majority, but we can find marginals or other seats where we can make a difference. Hartlepool is very, very interesting. Watch Hartlepool. It is an interesting seat for us in 2015. “We have a base there, it is our longest established branch in the North‐East.

The North‐East is our fastest growing membership area, and if I had to pick I’d say Hartlepool was an area where we can make a substantial impact. We will have to look hard after the elections at what our targets will be in 2015, but Hartlepool is very interesting.


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