7 Apr 15 – UKIP is the party of defence

UKIP affirms its support for our armed forces, something that the other parties have forgotten or rejected, despite being quick to send our troops into war.

Our announcements today include:

— Meeting the NATO requirement of 2% defence spend per year;
— Creating a Veterans’ Administration with a dedicated Minister
— A National Service Medal for all those who have served

And importantly:

— UKIP wants to ensure our service men and women who leave the armed forces have priority access to mental health care on our ‪‎NHS‬, as well as social housing, and jobs in the police, prisons or the border force if they want it.

The Conservatives and Labour have sent our men and women into war far too quickly, and without thinking of the full consequences. From today, it should be clear: UKIP is the party of defence‬.


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