15 Apr 15 – Protecting our NHS and Fighting To bring back services to the Hartlepool Hospital

The Biggest single issue facing Hartlepool is the Hartlepool Hospital situation. The problem is the Wynyard hospital will never work, and everyone knows it. The Health trust is clearly out of touch with public opinion.

The people don’t want this new hospital they want to keep their existing hospital.

The Wynyard hospital project will not work on 3 levels;

1) The travel issues and costs for both the NHS and the people of Hartlepool are unacceptable.

2) Traffic on the A19 will make it extremely difficult for someone in a life or death situation getting to either the North Tees Hospital or James Cook Hospital in an emergency. Frankly the possibilities don’t bear thinking about.

3) Finally, the wish of the people of this town, who must not be ignored, is to have their own viable hospital returned to them.

I now call on Alan Foster and the health trust to stop burying their heads in the sand, scrap the Wynyard project, and return to the people of Hartlepool a fully functioning hospital with all its services.

Iain Wright has totally failed the people of Hartlepool by doing absolutely nothing to stop the hospital being systematically downgraded.

Ian Wright, Tony Blair and John Reid promised the people of Hartlepool that the Hartlepool hospital was safe that has proved to be a lie.
Let us set the record clear ‐ It was the Labour party that signed away the Hartlepool Hospital on December 9th 1999. I want to thank Jean Kennedy for her tireless campaigning on this issue. The signing of these deeds was the starting point that has lead to the downgrading of the Hartlepool hospital.

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