2 May 15 – The People of Hartlepool have been lied to on the Hospital

Phillip Broughton, Hartlepool’s Ukip Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, was one of the speakers at the party’s conference. He told visitors to the Borough Hall on the Headland, that the hospital situation is the biggest issue for residents and that the prospect of Wynyard Hospital is “pie in the sky”.

Mr Broughton said: “People don’t want a new hospital, they want their existing hospital.

“It is a wish of the people in this town, and they must not be ignored, that they have their own hospital.” He said past and current politicians had failed the people living in the town. He said: “They all promised the people of Hartlepool that the hospital would be safe and that was a lie. “It was Labour that signed away the hospital.”

Mr Broughton went on to say that the privatisation of the NHS started under Labour Prime Minister, Tony Blair. He said: “Labour doesn’t care about the NHS, they use the NHS as a political weapon.”

“Hard‐working people are being ignored and UKIP wants to stand up for them” said Mr Broughton, claiming under the party there would be no tax on people earning the minimum wage. He added: “If you want change come and back me.

“We are fighting for a better Hartlepool, stronger North East and a fairer Britain. “Let me just say one last thing on Labour and the NHS. “Labour aren’t the party of the NHS they don’t care about the NHS they want to use the NHS as a political weapon. “It is claimed that Ed Miliband said he wants to “weaponise the NHS” “Think about that word weaponise ‐ it means to adapt in such a way that it can be used as a weapon.

Our NHS isn’t a weapon, it’s one of our great institutions that looks after our people when they are in the most need and the Labour party should be ashamed of using such appalling language”.

Other speakers at the conference included Paul Nuttall, deputy leader of Ukip, Jonathan Arnott MEP, who is standing at the party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Easington, Councillor Norman Dennis, the first Ukip councillor for South Tyneside Borough Council, and Suzanne Evans, Ukip deputy chairman.

speech at north east conference 2015

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