5 May 15 – An SNP Labour government would be a disaster for Britain

Imagine waking up on May 8th with SNP having 40 or 50 seats in parliament from Scotland. The SNP holding the balance of power is a very real and frightening prospect. It would send our economy to the rocks, put our security at risk and break up the union of Great Britain.

Nicola Sturgeon has been very clear she will not accept any austerity what so ever, so instead of dealing with our debts we will see our already massive national debt increasing by even more. The national debt has already doubled in the last 5 years of the current government and we are wasting more money on debt increase payments then we do on the education or the defence budgets. Borrowing money is not progressive politics, leaving our kids and grandkids a debt mountain which is what the SNP would do is morally wrong. We can’t as a country carry on borrowing Britain into the ground and expect someone else to pay the bill.

I am certain that a dodgy pact between these two parties would without question put our security at risk. The defence budget would be on the table as all the establishment parties don’t really care about defence at all indeed it is only my party UKIP that is committing to the NATO defence target of 2% of GDP on defence. Under the SNP and Labour we would see cuts to the army, navy and air force when our armed forces have already been weakened too much. Importantly the very thing that has helped keep the peace for the last 70 years our nuclear weapons would be under threat too from a mad left wing ideology that doesn’t understand or care about the military realities of the world. Trident is essential to this country’s security and we must oppose any moves to scrap it.

It is the central political objective of the Scottish National party to break up the United Kingdom and make Scotland an independent country. Nicola Sturgeon would use every possible political opportunity to drive a wedge between England and Scotland. This strategy eventually would allow her political pull to force another referendum despite the SNP saying that the independence referendum was a once in a generation opportunity.

In conclusion be in no doubt that an SNP Labour government would be a disaster for Britain. This government would bankrupt our economy, cut our defences to the bone and ultimately break our country apart. I urge everyone to realise the fundamental real danger of this possibly future government and I urge people to vote for a good number of UKIP MP’s to help stop the potential destruction of our country.

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