6 May 15 – Only UKIP can beat Labour in Hartlepool

If I’m elected as your next MP on May 7th I will work with the football club in any way I can to support it. I want to say that I believe Hartlepool is a fantastic place full of great people, it faces challenges yes – but I believe with better leadership it could do so much better.

The problem in Hartlepool is Labour’s compliancy. Iain Wright has let people down as MP. What I say to you is if you want change, if you want someone who is passionate, who will fight harder for you and be a strong voice for you in parliament then I’m your man.

Below I have my 10 priorities these are the ten things I will fight for as you next MP;

  • Protect our NHS – Save Hartlepool Hospital
  • Controlled Immigration – Australian points based system
  • Tougher policies on law and order – Sentences that mean what they say
  • Planning Power to people – Referendums on Housing and Wind turbines
  • No tax on the minimum wage – Raise tax threshold to £13,500
  • Cut Foreign aid spending
  • Fight for an EU Referendum and say no to the EU
  • Cut Business rates to get shops and jobs to the town
  • A turnover tax for big businesses to stop tax avoidance
  • Only party that is committed to spending 2% of GDP on our Armed Forces

The choice at the election on May 7th is between

5 more years of failure with Labour’s Iain Wright Or Change with me Phillip Broughton of UKIP.

In closing if you want change you have to vote for it. Only UKIP can beat Labour in Hartlepool.

Thank you

Phillip Broughton – UKIP PPC for Hartlepool

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