22 May 15 – Slashing the police budget again proves the Tories are soft on crime

The Home Secretary says the police are “crying wolf” and “scaremongering” about more police cuts. The fact is the Tories have already cut 1.9 billion pounds from the home office budget, with 17,000 police officers being cut and now they want to cut even more.

The Police Federation Chairman Steve White is telling the truth that the government doesn’t want the public to hear. Mr White said that the bobby on the beat is becoming an ‘endangered species’, additionally that “Officers feel that they are under sustained attack from the media, the government and additionally the Home Office. Mr White went onto to say that “cuts have consequences”. There were reports yesterday that morale in the police force has apparently never been so low.

This government is acting in an appalling way. Frontline policing should be a priority not a side issue. The Tory party use to be the party of law and order now they are soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime.

What we need is not more cuts to the police budget but an increase in the police budget; we need more Bobbies on the beat, to prioritise frontline policing and to have tougher policies on law and order. You will only get that with UKIP the old three parties are all soft, wet, liberals on law and order.

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