28 Jun 15 – Wimbledon is a three horse race between Djokovic, Federer and Murray

Tomorrow is the start of Wimbledon. The Grass court season is well and truly here. Going into Wimbledon the three players who have dominated the championships in the last 3 years are in fine form.

Federer last Sunday once again won Halle in Germany his 8th Halle title, 15th Grass court Title and his 86th career title which is an incredible achievement. Murray won his 4th Queen’s title. Djokovic hasn’t played a warm up grass court event but considering he is world number one by a long way he will not doubt be more than prepared to try and successful defend his Wimbledon title.

The Draw undoubtedly favours Djokovic but that is to be expected. Djokovic will only have to face Murray or Federer in the final. Federer will have to repeat what he did in 2012 when he last won Wimbledon to beat both Murray and Djokovic, if he is to win the title again. Murray perhaps has the toughest draw as he may have to face Nadal, Federer and Djokovic in the quarters, semis and Final respectively. I believe the likely hood of that scenario is pretty remote in all honesty as it is hard to see Nadal getting to the quarter finals. Certainly Murray will have to most likely beat Federer and Djokovic if he is to win the title.

I would say the likely scenario is this Nadal will mostly likely get knocked out in the early rounds before the quarters. Murray and Federer should both meet in the semis and that will be a tough contest. I would think Federer’s form and massive grass court experience might just edge him past Murray. Who Djokovic’s opponent will be in the other semi final is difficult to say. Many people would think it would be Stan Wawrinka, the French Open Champion and world number 4 but I believe Stan is weaker on grass, so I look for Djokovic to face someone else in the semis and come through to the final.

Who is going to win well that’s a tough one for sure. I would have to say it’s a tossup between Djokovic and Federer but Murray is very much in the mix here as without a doubt Djokovic, Federer and Murray are the three best grass court players by far. I think Federer the king of grass knows that realistically Wimbledon is his best chance of winning one more grand slam title. The Grass plays directly into his strengths of aggressive tennis. The grass also allows Roger the chance to compete better with faster and shorter points against his younger opponents Murray and Djokovic. I believe Federer probably has this Wimbledon and next year to perhaps win one more Wimbledon title.

So in summary is it advantage Djokovic going into Wimbledon with Federer or Murray pushing to take the title off him. Of course on grass who knows what will happen but it should be a very exciting two weeks of great tennis as always at SW19.

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