24 Nov 15 – More police cuts will put the public at risk

After the tragic events in Paris surely the government must now see sense and reverse the planned police cuts. The signs I’m afraid are not encouraging. The Chancellor said at the weekend he will carry on with more police cuts regardless of the situation. The sheer scale of the challenge that our police and security services face from terrorism should make it clear that cutting police budgets at this time would be crazy.

We have to face up to the fact that this country is under very real threat from terrorism by the Islamic state. France is taking the situation far more seriously they are rightly massively increasing security spending and hiring an extra 17,000 police, border guards and other security personnel. Britain on the other hand has already made big cuts to the police with a loss of 17,000 police officers since 2010.

The Labour party want a 10% cut in police and the Tories will go even further with a 25% cut in police. Both Labour and the Tories are wrong. We must increase police spending not cut it.

If the government and the opposition were serious about defending the security and freedom of Britain they would cut far less important projects such as HS2, the Barnett formula or the foreign aid budget rather than the police.

I call on the government in the spending review this week to stop these further damaging police cuts. If the government goes ahead with these police cuts it will be deeply irresponsible, put our national security in jeopardy and undoubtedly put the public at risk.

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