18 Jan 16 – The Hartlepool Hospital is being closed by stealth

The Hartlepool Hospital is being closed by stealth. The axing of fertility services at the Hartlepool hospital is just the latest example of vital services being cut and taken away from people.  This drip by drip effect of slowly taking services away is to lay the groundwork for the eventually shutting down of the hospital.  This is a complete outrage.

This is a plan of the so-called health professionals who do this with the full support of both the two main parties Labour and Tories. Blair started this process and Cameron has carried it on. The plan is to step by step take services away from individual hospitals leading to what they all ultimately want which is a regionalised health service. I warned about this regional health model during the General election.

The health professionals and the labour and Tory parties believe they know best but the public is tired of having their vital services cut and taken away. No matter how many marches, demonstrations and petitions they receive from the public the health professionals simply ignore them. The two main parties back whatever the health professionals say every time.

We in Ukip will continue to campaign for the NHS free at the point of use, we will oppose the privatisation and the regionalisation of the NHS. We will carry on campaigning for local services at the local hospital and for locally elected health boards so the public gets the power to sack useless out of touch health bosses.

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