15 Feb 16 – A Pathetic EU deal from Conman Cameron

David Cameron speaking 3 years ago in his Bloomberg Europe speech promised the British people we would have a fundamental change in our relationship with the EU. Let’s be clear 3 years later David Cameron has asked for nothing from the EU and he has got nothing.

In 4 areas he has asked for tiny concessions and he has got nothing on any of them.

Economic governance – No disadvantage for not having the Euro is a waste of time and irrelevant to Britain as we will never join the euro.

Competitiveness – we all know this will never happen. The EU constantly talks about cutting red tape but the fact is that since 2010 we have had 3,600 new EU regulations.

Sovereignty – Brussels will still control 75% of our legislation after this process. The exception from an ever closer union isn’t worth the paper it is written on as we all know that the European Union is all about carrying on with ever closer union no matter what. We’ve gone from trade to a political union without any consultation of the people what so ever.

Restrict benefits for EU migrants – No they will still get benefits only at their countries rate not at our countries rate so a total failure there too.

This whole process is all sham; it’s tinkering at the edges. Cameron is attempting to pull the Harold Wilson trick of saying look at these amazing concessions I have got from Europe. The Truth of the matter is this there is no fundamental change in our relationship with the EU and ultimately this referendum is about one question and one question only do we want to control our own countries affairs or not?

Cameron is trying to rig the outcome of this referendum; it’s not a level playing field when Eurosceptic ministers have effectively been gagged while pro-EU ministers can say whatever they want.

Britain will still not be making our laws in our own parliament, still won’t control our own trade deals and we still will have no control of our borders and immigration policy.

Immigration into Europe is happening on an unprecedented scale millions of people are coming to Europe from the Middle East and Africa. Once these people get a Europe passport they can go where ever they like in Europe. We have to say no to more immigration we have net migration currently running too high at 330,000 a year.

David Cameron’s claim that he will wrestle back sovereignty from Brussels was blown out of the water last Monday after his own former legal eagle said Britain may never be able to control its own destiny unless it leaves the EU.

Ex-Attorney General Dominic Grieve blasted the Prime Minister’s plan for new legislation asserting the supremacy of UK courts as “pointless” because it would not even be worth the paper it was written on.

The legal expert said Brussels would simply ignore Britain’s attempts to reclaim control over its own judicial system, adding that the web of EU treaties both the Tories and Labour have signed us up to over the years has left the Government totally powerless.

Red cards to try and stop EU Legislation will never work as trying to get 15 other EU countries parliaments to agree on something is fantasy land politics. You couldn’t get 15 EU parliaments to agree to something in 12 years never mind 12 weeks.

All these emergency breaks and red cards are a pathetic waste of time the question is do we want to govern our own country or not?

I would argue that the greater risk is staying in the EU. With the high levels of under controlled immigration only continuing, the push to ever closer union which will go on despite pleas that it won’t and our own economic and political future in our own hands rather the unelected and unaccountable powers in Brussels.

Here’s the truth about Cameron’s EU “Deal”
✓ No treaty change
✓ No repatriation of powers
✓ EU law remains supreme
✓ £55m handed over every day
✓ Open borders

There is a fundamental choice in this referendum do we want to take control of our own affairs or not. If we want to get back control of trade deals or making all of our own laws in our own parliament or if we want to take back control of borders and immigration policy then we must vote to leave the European Union.

I say to people don’t vote for project fear which is staying in the EU. Vote for project hope which is coming out of the EU.

In this referendum vote for out and let’s gets Britain’s freedom and independence back.

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