21 Apr 16 – Obama’s EU Referendum Intervention is a gross betrayal of America’s founding principles

The Establishment is desperate they will do anything, say anything, get anyone they can to try and scare the British people into voting to stay in the EU. Everyone can see the stitch up and we all knew it was coming. The full unfair weight of the Government machine is attempting to fix this referendum.

How can it be fair for the government to spend an extra 9.3 million pounds on that propaganda leaflet that has allowed the remain side to effectively double their money. Remain has 16.3 million and Leave has 7 million pounds. So this referendum is a stitch up and it’s not a fair fight. I just hope this con job doesn’t fool the British people. And I do believe that this move could come back to the bit the establishment later because if the British people think they have been conned in this referendum they will never forget it.

So now the Establishment in its latest scare tactic calls up the failed US President Obama. Now let’s be clear from the outset Obama has no right to get involved in our referendum, this referendum has nothing to do with America, nothing to do with America’s interests and frankly him getting involved is an insult to our democracy.

There is a convention on these matters and that is that democratic leaders don’t comment on one another’s elections or referenda. So who the hell does Obama think he is to break this convention and lecture the British people on how we should vote when he does not represent any of us at all.

Obama violating the convention is absolutely outrageous.

Could you imagine if a British politician did this? A British politician flying over to the US to tell the Americans how to vote in one of their elections there would be a wall of abuse and rightly so. Of course, our bias Media thinks it’s perfectly alright for Obama to say something well it’s not alright it’s a total outrage and shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

The US president arguing for Britain to remain in an undemocratic EU super state is a totally hypocritical thing to do and runs completely counter to Americas own values democracy and national sovereignty, values which that country stand for more than anything else. In speaking in favour of the undemocratic EU Obama is performing a gross betrayal of these founding American principles and he should be ashamed and condemned for it.

Do we seriously think that the United States of America would pool its sovereignty with Mexico and Canada? Do we seriously think that the US would allow free movement of people across the whole of the American continents? I’ll answer both of those questions very easily the answer would a resounding no. So why on Earth should Britain do it?

The American people know that making your own choices and having the ability to get rid of the people you elect and who make the decisions is the fundamental test of whether you a real democracy or not.

America is a proud democratic nation which believes in its national identity and values its freedom. What a shame its President thinks other countries should give away hard-won democracy and freedom to an unelected EU commission.

I hope people see this Failed US President for what he truly is an establishment yes-man who is arguing for America’s interests not Britain’s, A man who says he believes in democracy, freedom and accountability but yet argues for the exact opposite with the EU and a man who like Cameron who has proved he cannot govern effectively and cannot be trusted on anything.

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