24 May 16 – It’s an Unfair EU Referendum

More scaremongering, more lies and more propaganda from this government. This referendum is a stitch up. It’s not a fair referendum; it is an unfair and bias referendum with the establishment using the full weight of government to con everyone into staying in the EU. The Remain side getting double the amount of money to spend on the campaign isn’t fair. Free advertising on the government websites which I’m sure won’t be declared isn’t fair. Posting only one side of the argument to every household isn’t fair. And the lining up the whole of the establishment all the big banks, big businesses and big politics throwing every lie they can at people. Why? because they are all in it together.

167 Countries in this world are not in the EU and they seem to manage perfectly fine running their own affairs. I’m sure Britain the 5th largest economy will do just fine if we leave the EU on the 23rd June.

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