11 Jun 16 – Djokovic joins the elite with win at Rolland Garros

Novak finally did it. I said it was only a matter of time and indeed it was Djokovic won the French Open and became a Grand Slam Champion. Djokovic has rightly joined the elite in the game to win all 4 grand slams.

Djokovic no doubt benefited from having to face Murray rather than his tougher clay court opponent Wawrinka. However, you can’t take anything away from Djokovic you can only beat the people in front of you.

The only story now in tennis is how dominant Djokovic is. In the last 4 grand slam finals, Djokovic has won all 4. I’m sure the most pleasing thing for Djokovic is he has beaten his two closest rivals in all 4 grand slam finals.

The way it has worked out probably sums up where we are in tennis at the moment. Djokovic dominant winning all 4 slams but Murray providing the challenge in the Australian Open and the French open while Federer provides the challenge at Wimbledon and the US open.

The question now is can Djokovic keep up his unbelievable level of dominance? I would say yes but always bear this in mind upsets can happen.

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