20 Jun 16 – The EU Referendum on Thursday is about getting our democracy back

This EU referendum is a fundamental choice do we Britain want to be a self-governing democracy or not?

It’s about control.

It’s about freedom, sovereignty and democracy.

The Choice is between project fear and project hope

The remain campaign represent project fear big businesses, big banks and big politics the political establishment trying to scare everyone into staying in the EU because it suits their own self interest.

We in the Leave campaign represent project hope as we are fighting for the freedom democracy self government and independence of this nation.

The Problems with the EU 

It started as a common market no politics but look how it has changed over the years

The EU has;

A flag,

An anthem,

A currency,

A foreign policy,

Massive control over domestic policy areas including home affairs, borders and welfare,

A foreign minister,

A president

An unelected commission that really pulls all the strings

And now they want an EU army a very dangerous step indeed.

It has become a state that’s what its creators wanted and all of this has been done by stealth against the will of the people.

The EU ignores the views of the nation state electorates of all member states.

EU CONSTITUTION was rejected by French and the Dutch in Referendums in 2005, but did the EU listen?

No they simply ignored the referendums and rebranded the Constitution as the new Lisbon treaty but kept 98% of the original EU constitution.

The EU ignores the results of referendums and in Ireland’s case they forced and bullied them into have another referendum.

For the EU referendums only count if they give the right answer.

This proves how undemocratic the EU is.

European Parliament is the only parliament in the world where it’s elected members can’t propose legislation, can’t repel legislation they can only amend legislation handed down by the unelected EU Commission.

We have unelected EU president

We have unelected Foreign minister

Are we seeing the pattern here?



The EU pushes ahead with the unsound economics of the Euro that is punishing southern Europe and driving their economies into deeper recessions.

The euro is failing. On top of that, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Montenegro and Turkey are joining the EU.

Youth Unemployment in the Euro zone – Greece 51.9%, Spain 45.9%, Portugal 30%, Italy 38.8%, France 24.4%


We were promised we would not be part of Euro bailouts but what happened we ended up having to contribute to Greece’s Euro bailout even though we aren’t in the Euro currency.



We have mass uncontrolled and unlimited immigration with the current migration crisis with millions of people coming into Europe every week and also an open door to 485 million people in the EU thanks to the free movement of people across the EU.

Net migration is currently running at 330,000 a year

Between 1995 and 2015 the number of EU immigrants living in the UK has tripled from 0.9 Million to 3.3 Million



TTIP will lead to the privatisation of the NHS by the back door opening up the NHS and public services to transatlantic competition.

ISDM (Investor state dispute settlement) allow companies to sue national governments EU interest not the British interest.

Green peace’s Dutch branch released a data leak of confidential documents relating to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) that confirms this.



The EU has disgracefully stopped us helping our steel industry with its state invention rules. These issues should be our decisions not the EU’s.

EU membership stops the UK blocking cheap Chinese imports and helping with energy costs

Brussels makes it much harder for British steelmakers to do business

The EU’s anti-fossil-fuel directives and regulations have driven up energy costs – and heavy industry is paying the price.

“EU interference in our energy market is making it impossible for our industry to compete

We should help our steel industry and give British steel firms a “sustainable future” by lowering their taxes, and cutting their energy bills.

The Prime Minister has engaged in some of the most desperate and pathetic scaremongering in the course of this campaign.

We’ll be at war if we leave the EU what a complete ridiculous load of rubbish.

It’s not the EU that has kept the peace for the last 70 years it is NATO that has done that.

But there are many other myths and scare tactics that the Remain side put about so let’s just look at some of them;


Myths of EU membership

3 million jobs linked to being in the EU – No they are linked to us trading with the EU. We would carry on trading with them if we weren’t members.5 million continental jobs are dependent on trade with the UK too. Trade would continue if we weren’t in the EU.

If we left we would lose maternity pay – No UK rules are even stronger than EU rules. European rules – 14 weeks, UK rules – 26 weeks

Nissan and Hitachi would leave UK if we left EU – No both have said repeated they would not. And indeed Nissan said if Britain didn’t join the Euro over 10 years ago they would leave, we didn’t join the Euro Nissan stayed and actually built another plant.

EU gave us equal pay – No the Equal pay act was signed into UK law in 1970 3 years before we joined the EU.

EU has taken on multinational companies – No their are 30,000 lobbyists in Brussels who are they looking out for the big businesses and they will lobby for regulation which they know will drive their smaller competitors out of business.

EU has the largest economy in the world – No the EU is declining year on year. When we joined in 1973 EU members made up 38% of World GDP. It’s already under 20% by 2020 it will have dropped to just 15%.

EU Accounts – 21st year in a row that auditors have not signed of the accounts and gave an adverse opinion on the legality and regularity of payments underlying the accounts. The accounts are not properly signed off

EU give money to help the North East – No we pay for it it’s our money 55 million every day. If we left we can decide where we spend our money.

If we leave EU British football teams will be kicked out of the champion’s league – No Teams from Israel, Norway Russia Switzerland and Turkey all compete and they are not in the EU


Britain is big enough to manage on its own

We are the 5th largest economy in the world

4th Largest Military budget

Founding member of NATO

Permanent seat holders on the United Nations Security Council, G8 and G20

Britain has the world’s most spoken language and the best universities in the world

We have links we the common wealth, America, Europe and Asia.


So here are some concrete ways voting Leave will make you better off:

  • Better public services. Every week, Britain hands over control of 350 million to the EU. That’s enough to build over 50 new hospitals a year. If we vote Leave, we’ll be able to spend our money on our priorities.
  • Higher wages. Uncontrolled immigration from the EU has depressed wages, especially in the lowest-paid jobs. If we vote Leave, we’ll be able to control immigration, so pay will go up. Even the leader of the Remain campaign admits that.
  • New jobs. EU red tape costs British businesses £600 million a week. If we vote Leave, we can set our businesses free, creating jobs in the process.
  • Cheaper energy. EU energy rules have forced Britain to shut power stations and pushed up our bills. If we vote Leave, we can cut regulation, and cut our costs.
  • Lower prices. EU tariffs make imports from the rest of the world artificially expensive. If we vote Leave, we’ll still have access to the European Single Market, but we won’t face tariffs, and we’ll make new trade deals with non-EU countries. More free trade means lower prices.
  • Affordable homes. One reason so many young people can’t afford to buy a home is the strain uncontrolled immigration from the EU puts on the housing market. If we vote Leave, we’ll ease the pressure.
  • More security. The EU is a failed project. It can’t manage its borders, its currency, or its economy. Giving unaccountable Eurocrats so much power over our lives is a huge risk. Voting Leave is the safer option.

We’ll all be better off if we vote Leave and take back control.


The Positive case for leaving

We can make our own laws in our own parliament

Make our own trade deals

Control our own borders and our own immigration policy and treat everyone fairly and equally not based on whether you come from one continent or another

Stop British courts being overruled by unaccountable EU Courts

We will be in full control of our own destiny and democracy

There is a fundamental choice in this referendum do we want to take control of our own affairs or not.

I say to people don’t vote for project fear which is staying in the EU. Vote for project hope which is coming out of the EU.

In this referendum vote for out and let’s get Britain’s freedom and independence back.

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