3 Jul 16 – The bias media and political establishment are trying to undermine the EU Referendum result

The political establishment and our bias media are acting appallingly in trying to undermine the result of the EU Referendum. They talked up the fact that the pound and share values went down following the EU referendum but yet when they started to rise back up to higher levels than before the vote they simply ignored it. I guess the truth doesn’t fit their narrative so they didn’t report it.

Media coverage of the ridiculous and pathetic leftie protests in London against the referendum are a joke. How can people protest against a democratic decision made by the British people? It is truly laughable. The media make it out as if this protest somehow reflects the view of everyone in the country when in reality 17.4 million people said otherwise in the vote.

Here’s the truth of the matter the British people voted in this referendum to leave the EU, to take back control of our money, our borders and our laws.

The political establishment and our bias media lost this referendum despite all the lies, cheating with extra funding on leaflets, scaremongering and the full weight of the government machine behind them. It is now time for both to accept the EU referendum result.

This useless Tory government has had a very clear instruction from the voters it’s now time for them to implement the wishes of the British people.

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