10 Aug 16 – NHS Service rationing is a national disgrace

I think it is absolutely disgusting that people who have paid into the NHS through their taxes all their lives are now being told that they cannot have certain NHS services because of rationing.

This government should be truly ashamed of themselves. This lack of action shows you they don’t really care about us, the ordinary people of this country.

The government will say they have no money. Well all I say to that is cut foreign aid, quangos and the HS2 project where we are wasting billions of pounds.

Government is about making choices and choosing priorities. I believe our priority should be looking after the people of this country.

I today put my full support behind the Daily Mail’s campaign and I now urge this useless government to get its act together and stop wasting money on the Westminster pet projects and start spending money on the real priorities which should be vital frontline services the NHS, armed forces and police.

If I am the next leader of UKIP we will make our party’s number one priority NHS services and we will end this national scandal of NHS service rationing.

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