20 Aug 16 – Diane James is disrespecting UKIP members by not turning up to any of the Hustings

I want to begin by saying that I get on very well with Diane James personally. I have a lot of time and respect for Diane. I believe she is a great ambassador for the party. Indeed I think many party members have allot of good will for Diane. Diane is a very talented and nice person.

However there are a couple of issues where we disagree.

I think it is important when you are standing to be leader of the party that as a candidate you come to hustings.

All candidates should treat party members with respect. You should have guts to make your case in person and take the members scrutiny in questions.  I myself have taken allot of unpaid time off work to make sure that I attend all 12 hustings across the country.

Diane’s decision not to do any of the hustings is disrespectful to UKIP party members.

I also think Diane’s recent comments about scrapping the NEC make no sense because why would you scrap the democratically elected NEC to replace it with an unelected appointed board.

In my view we need reform of the NEC with regionally elected members so the whole party gets a say on the future direction of the party.

We need to stop all this internal infighting and support a candidate that can unite this party and build a strong team; I will certainly do that if I am the next UKIP leader.

Phillip Broughton UKIP Leadership Candidate

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