29 Aug 16 – An appointed board would turn UKIP into a dictatorship

I am seriously concerned about Diane James’s proposal to scrap the national executive committee of our party.

Scrapping the NEC would be completely undemocratic as it is the body that the party members elect.

An appointed board would be undemocratic, take power away from the members and would give the party leader total power. This ironically would make UKIP as undemocratic as the EU, the Labour party and the Tory party. We didn’t defeat the EU dictatorship just to turn UKIP into one.

The Westminster elite parties and the EU believe that the leadership is the master and lord of all and that centralisation and appointed positions are vital.

We must be different, we in this party believe in democracy. Party members need to know that an appointed board appointed wholly by the party leader would turn UKIP into a dictatorship where the party leader would have all the power and party members will have no say at all.

We need more democracy in this party not less. I will continue to argue in this leadership contest that we should reform the NEC to make it more democratic.

We need to have regionally elected members so the whole country gets a say on the direction of the party, the NEC minutes should be published and NEC meetings should be held all over the country not just in London.

We need wider democratic reforms too I believe members voting on policy and policy debates at conference would make us a truly democratic party.

I want party members to be the bosses in this party not rich businessmen and under my leadership party members will be.

I say to party members we should reject undemocratic, appointed, centralised dictatorship. Let’s be different from our enemies, UKIP should be the champions of democracy both inside and outside of our party.

Phillip Broughton UKIP Leadership Candidate

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