5 Sep 16 – We need to stop the scandal of Big Businesses not paying tax and build a fair economy

Some of the biggest businesses in our country are quite frankly getting away with murder in not paying any tax on their income. It is time for Big Businesses to pay their fair share of tax.

I believe we must be the party that strongly advocates for bringing in a turnover tax for big businesses. Everyone has to play by the same rules and Big businesses can no longer be allowed to get away with paying hardly any tax at all.

This is a major part in creating a fair economy.

I also believe we must be the party that stands for;

Cutting tax for the lowest paid workers by raising the tax threshold again to £15,000

30% business rate cut to bring shops and jobs to our forgotten town and city centres

Abolish inheritance tax

We must build an economy that is built to last not built on debt

We must live within our means we cannot carry on borrowing Britain into the ground like Labour and Tory governments

Government is about making choices and choosing priorities and ours are clear. We choose vital frontline services such the NHS, Armed forces and police over the political pet projects of the Westminister establishment parties of failure.

Let’s cut 16 Billion in Foreign aid, 40 billion from Quangos, 60 billion from HS2 and 4 billion from the Barnett formula.

We should instead spend the money on frontline NHS, Armed forces, police and do those tax cuts to create a truly fair economy.

Phillip Broughton UKIP Leadership Candidate

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