10 Sep 16 – My comments on Diane James refusing to engage with the leadership process


An undemocratic policy of non-engagement has been used by one candidate to try and fix the result of this leadership contest. It’s frustrating that when we should be having an open democratic debate about the future policy and direction of the party, instead one candidate has stopped that process. My question to members is do we want this kind of leadership style of running away from debate? I don’t think we do.

Diane James has refused to take part in any of 12 hustings across the country; the Victoria Derbyshire TV Debate, BBC Essex debate and the latest yesterday she wouldn’t even do an interview with the daily politics show. This is beyond a joke it’s absolutely pathetic and this is costing the party not only a healthy debate about our future but frankly also much press and airtime.

Phillip Broughton – UKIP Leadership Candidate

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