13 Sep 16 – Failed US President Obama is clueless on Brexit

How dare failed US President Obama criticise how we voted in the EU referendum. Obama says we made the wrong decision, who on Earth is he to tell us how to vote. Remember this is the same president who threatened Britain during the EU referendum. People can’t rewrite history he did threaten this country that we would be back of the queue for a trade deal with the US. What a load tosh that was we have countries now lining up to make trade deals with us post Brexit. As usual with this failed US President his words never match his actions.

Obama and the establishment made ridiculous threats that the sky would cave in, we would have a massive recession and world war 3 if we dared to vote for Brexit. All of this has turned out to be the utter rubbish that it was. It all proves that Obama and the establishment are completely clueless on Brexit.

Get the message Obama and establishment Britain wants its freedom and independence back, that’s what we voted for and that is what must now happen.

Would America give away its freedom to Canada or Mexico? Of course they wouldn’t. So why should Britain? Obama’s argument is we love freedom but Britain should surrender its.

The British people rightly rejected the dodgy, bogus, establishment’s vile attempts to use Obama and all the other tactics to scare us, it didn’t work in the referendum and it won’t work now.

It’s time for the failed US President Obama to keep out of British politics, especially since he can’t even run his own country.

Obama is a hopeless failure, a lame duck president who can’t even quack. A lame duck president who’s opinion is completely irrelevant. Obama has ruined the American economy by doubling the national debt to over 19 trillion dollars.

Here are the facts since Brexit maybe Obama should read these and learn something;

Exports up

UK Tourism up

Unemployment down

Wages Up

Inflation steady

FSTE 100 & 250 up

UK manufacturing up with biggest increase in 25 years

Economic growth up

Foreign investment at an all time high

Government borrowing down

Consumer spending up

Countries lining up to do trade deals with us

Once we are out of the EU will we will once again be a free and independent nation, thank goodness we didn’t listen to the foolish establishment and clueless Obama.

Phillip Broughton – UKIP Leadership Candidate

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