20 Jan 17 – Obama‘s legacy is one of total failure

Finally, after 8 years since President Obama first took office today, I can look back and say I was right about everything I said about Obama and what his presidency would do to America. This is an American president Obama who promised hope and change but delivered debt, weak leadership and total failure.

On this day let us look back at 8 lost years of disastrous failure and give the Obama presidency the true scrutiny that it deserves.

Let us begin with the economy.

Obama called the then 9 trillion national debt in 2008/9 unpatriotic. Yet how does the US economy stand today not 9 trillion national debt but over 20 trillion now. Obama has more than doubled the national debt of America. Trillion dollar deficits every year for every year he has been president. Obama has borrowed more in 8 years then all the other 44 presidents combined. A stimulus in 2009 of 787 billion, Federal debt has increased by more than 100 percentage of GDP. Even after massive increases in debt, the US economy has still not recovered from the 2008 recession and indeed America has gone through one of the slowest and smallest economic recoveries in its history.

The labour participation rate shows how many Americas are in the workforce has decreased throughout Obama’s presidency. The last time it was at such a low level was back in 1978 under president Jimmy Carter.

Obama has created a debt mountain it’s been a colossal and disastrous failure on the economy the likes of which has never been seen before and does he care? No, he’s gone today same as all the establishment politicians who borrow the country into the ground rather than deal with the problems the country faces. Gutless, weak and leave the mess for someone else how totally irresponsible. It’s exactly as I said in 2008 massive borrowing and debt.

On healthcare, Obamacare’s health insurance premiums have increased sharply and Obama who said if you like your healthcare plan you can keep it well guess what that was a big fat lie people have had to join and or give up their healthcare plans in some cases. Still, 10% of Americans aren’t covered by health insurance despite it being a promise of universal healthcare for all. So yet again Obama has failed on the objectives he set himself.

Obama’s election would heal racial tensions well actually his tenure was marred by racial tension especially over shootings by police and race riots. A CNN/ORC poll in October found that more than half of Americans think race relations have gotten worse under Obama.

A lot of talk on gun control but nothing achieved even though Obama had control of the senate, congress and presidency for his first two years. All talk and no action.

A Gallup poll recently shows that Americans trust in government was at 60% in 2003. Now only it’s only 19% of Americans that trust the government. Now 67% of Americans see government as the biggest threat facing the country. A complete rejection of Obama’s big government, big state approach which was backed up by Obama’s party getting absolutely hammered in the presidential, congress and senate elections where the republicans beat Obama’s democrats in all three elections in November.

Immigration policy caused a massive upset in the country by Obama’s outrageous and wrong policy decision by saying that 4 million immigrants who got into the country illegally could simply stay. This policy is chaotic it sends completely the wrong message if you break the law and rules you simply get away with it.

On foreign policy oh boy where do we begin? Obama embraced America’s enemies and belittled its allies. Obama did nothing as Russia brazenly annexed the Crimea in 2014. Russia has massively increased defence spending but America under Obama’s weak leadership he has cut defence spending at a time when Russia and China are on the rise once again.

Obama signed a terrible nuclear deal with Iran giving them billions and allowing them to head towards a nuclear weapon which will make the world a much less safe place. The deal wasn’t ratified by congress so Obama just used his blatant and undemocratic use of executive powers and the Iranians are violating the deal already.

Obama sucked up to dictators and enemies like Castro in Cuba but ignored democratic leaders like the prime minister of Israel.

Talked down to Israel, ignored the Israeli Prime Minister and played petty games at the UN in the dying weeks of his administration against Israel. How utterly pathetic a president who is more worried about settling old political scores than doing what’s right for the country.

Withdrawal from Iraq too early allowed a vacuum and a more unstable middle east that the Islamic state took over and became the threat that it is today. No American troops in Iraq allowed IS to take control of large parts of Iraq and Syria.

Obama has treated Britain terribly he hates this country. One of his first acts was to take the bust of Winston Churchill out of the white house. A president who snubbed the special relationship between the US and UK by saying that France was America’s greatest ally, what a joke who has always stood by the Americans in every war for the last 80 odd years I’ll give you a clue it isn’t France. Obama severely attacked BP as British Petroleum and blamed Britain for most of the oil spill issues despite the fact that most of the leadership of the company is American. Obama’s attacks on BP lost Britain’s shareholders millions and wiped billions of the pensions and shares in this country as a result. And the worst of all Obama in the most disgusting abuse of power I’ve ever seen by a foreign leader attempted to tell the British people how to vote in the EU referendum here in Britain, that broke every convention of interfering in other countries politics. Obama threatened that Britain would be back of the queue for a trade deal if we dared to vote to leave the EU. Obama admitted he was talking rubbish after the event but that doesn’t excuse his outrageous behaviour.

TTIP his signature trade deal is dead in the water after Brexit and trump’s election thankfully. The TTIP deal would disgracefully open our great NHS up to the profit of private companies. Thank goodness Obama’s TTIP has been defeated.

In closing Obama has been a disastrous failure as US president on domestic or foreign policy he and his policies have failed and the American people rejected them in the ballot box on November 8th last year at the election. I for one said he would be a disaster and I am very pleased that this establishment politician Obama from today will no longer be in office.

I’m no fan of trump I wanted Marco Rubio to be the next US president but one good thing about Trump is that he loves Britain and that for me is far better than Obama and Hilary Clinton who have proved that they hate Britain. Good riddance to Obama and as bad trump is he can’t be any worse than Obama or Hilary.

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