6 Feb 17 – Federer’s Australian Open victory will cement his legacy as the greatest of all time

Who would have thought that after 6 months out injured in his first tournament since Wimbledon in July last year that Roger Federer would come back and win his 18th Grand Slam title?

I must admit heading into the Australian open a couple of weeks ago I was thinking if Roger played well he could get to the quarter-finals or possibly to the semi-finals. For Federer to win the whole thing was possibly one of the greatest achievements ever in the history of tennis.

Federer beat 4 quality top ten opponents on his way to his 5th Australian Open title in Melbourne he brushed aside Berdych, Nishikori, Wawrinka and his toughest nemesis Nadal in the final.

I have constantly said that Federer would get at least one more grand slam title but I always assumed it would be a Wimbledon or a US Open title. This Australian open title is without a doubt a major bonus for Roger and could spark him into more successes.

Federer beating Nadal in the final was perhaps the sweetest part of the whole thing. Roger has struggled against Nadal in the past, the match up and game styles simply do not stack up in Roger’s favour. In this final Federer at last against Nadal finally had a game plan and stuck to it. Roger was aggressive he kept attacking Nadal and the backhand that has always been a weakness was stronger and hit through the court far much faster thanks to Federer’s hard work and larger racquet.

With Federer now being on 18 grand slam titles and the gap between Nadal (14) and Djokovic (12) being 4 and 6 slams respectively I can’t see Rafa or Novak catching Roger. I still believe Federer will get at least one more slam either a Wimbledon or a US Open. I believe with this amazing 18th grand slam and Australian Open title win Roger Federer has indeed cemented his legacy as the greatest tennis player of all time.

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