18 Feb 17 – The undemocratic scumbag Tony Blair should accept that Brexit is going to happen

It was outrageous to see yesterday possibly the worst Prime Minister this country has ever had Tony Blair basically demanding that the British people’s decision in the EU referendum last year be overturned.

Tony Blair and the rest of the remain establishment just can’t stand the fact that they lost the EU referendum. The British people rejected being governed by a supernational institution the EU, they rejected mass immigration and they rejected hundreds of millions of pounds being sent to an organisation that hasn’t had its accounts signed off by the auditors for over 20 years.

Blair is the typical establishment politician they get into government make a total mess, borrow billions, then get out and leave the massive disaster for someone else to clear up. It’s is ironic and funny how Blair loved democratic decisions when he won three elections when this country had to endure 10 years of his government which I would argue is still one of the root causes of many of the problems we have today. Blair’s legacy of privatisation of the NHS, massively increasing the national debt, allowing mass uncontrolled unlimited immigration into this country and the constant policy of military interventions into other countries affairs was a total disaster for Britain. And of course, his successors as Prime Minister Brown, Cameron and May have all been true Blairites and carried on his disastrous policies.

17.4 million people voted for Brexit in June last year that is the biggest democratic mandate of any kind in the history of this country and a bigger mandate than Blair got in 1997.

Whether Blair or the career political class like or not Brexit is going to happen Britain will regain our freedom, independence and we will be a more prosperous country as a result.

It is now time the establishment and their cronies accepted the EU referendum result. They should stop moaning, complaining and get on with making a success of Brexit.

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