22 Feb 17 – Car parking charges at Seaton will damage Hartlepool’s businesses and tourism

Labour controlled Hartlepool council doesn’t understand businesses, tourism or public opinion.

The ridiculous and stupid decision to bring in car parking charges at Seaton will put more costs on business that are already struggling at a difficult economic time. Charges will also make a lot of people think twice about coming to visit and take much-needed revenue away from the area.

This arrogant and out of touch labour council ignores public opinion by going ahead with this proposal despite a petition of over 3,000 signatures against them. This useless labour lead council is ramming through these unjust and hopeless car parking charges against the express wishes of the Hartlepool public.

We in UKIP Hartlepool oppose these car parking charges and we will continue to campaign against car parking charges in Seaton and anywhere else.

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