29 Mar 17 – My comments on Brexit being triggered and Ukip’s future

Today the time has finally arrived the time so many of us have long dreamed of. Today article 50 will be triggered and Britain will begin the process of leaving the EU. This is a proud moment for all of us in UKIP. I like many of us have campaigned for this country to leave the EU all my political life. If the government does this right then Britain will regain its freedom, independence and sovereignty. We will get the control of laws, money, trade deals and borders back.

So yes today we in UKIP celebrate that we have forced the political establishment, the Tory and Labour parties to accept our core political aim. While we celebrate our great success in achieving the conversion of the two old parties to Britain leaving the EU it is also a moment when we should think about our future as a political party.

We in UKIP have won the arguments on Brexit on the EU and Immigration we must now as I have said many times broaden the message of the party beyond these two subjects to talk about the other issues the NHS, economy and law and order etc. We also have to change the tone of the party to appeal to more people. Putting it bluntly UKIP must now put forward a common sense, patriotic domestic policy agenda for the Post Brexit world and focus relentlessly on it. A failure to do these things would consign UKIP to political irreverence.

Phillip Broughton – Former UKIP Leadership Candidate

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