21 Jul 17 – Roger Federer ends the GOAT debate with 8th Wimbledon title

ROGER KISSING WIMBLEDON TITLEMany have long time debated who is the goat of tennis? Who is the greatest of all time? Roger Federer has now ended that argument with his fantastic 8th Wimbledon title victory last Sunday.

An 8th Wimbledon title is an amazing achievement in a truly legendary career. Now no one can possibly dispute Federer is the GOAT – Greatest of all time.

19 Grand slam titles – 8 Wimbledon titles, 5 US Opens, 5 Australian Opens and 1 French Open. 6 World titles. 93 Career titles overall. The most weeks at world number one.

The press was wrong to write off Roger and Rafa and indeed they look very stupid now that they both hold all three grand slam titles of the year so far.

Federer is playing so well at the moment I don’t think anyone could have beaten him at Wimbledon. Even if Federer had to of gone through Murray, Djokovic and Nadal to win the title I think he would have done it, he is so confident and playing at such a high level it feels like no obstacle could stop Roger at the moment.

Federer has played it right he had 6 months after his injury last year he has refocused and worked on his game improved the backhand and has brought his level back to its peak. You could make an argument scarily for the rest of the tour that Federer is a better player now than when he was in his pomp in 2003 to 2009.

Roger must carry on take breaks from tennis just like he did before Wimbledon taking the clay court season off was not only sensible but a smart decision that has given him the chance to win Wimbledon again. Roger needs to focus on fewer tournaments to be at his peak for the big events and grand slams.

Roger doesn’t need to chase the number one ranking or play every tournament he’s 35 now not 20. If Roger does play for more years this will be the key to being able to carry on playing his scheduling will be absolutely vital. I would rather see Federer carry on doing fewer tournaments but being at his best for those weeks of the year he needs to be.

Can Federer carry on playing till he is 40? It’s a big question but I think if he paces himself plays 10 to 12 tournaments a year on a more limited basis I think he maybe able too. Plus his style puts little strain and effort on his body so if anyone could do it it would be Roger. For sure I think Roger will play at least another year if the body holds and he is still doing well he may indeed play till he is 40. Another 4 years? Who knows but anything is possible with the greatest ever Roger Federer.

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