13 Dec 17 – More of the same will kill Ukip

6 months on from the 2017 general election and Ukip is carrying on with more of the same as if the general election in June never happened.

The leader has changed but nothing else has. There is no vision, no message and no identity to the party. In the post-Brexit post-Farage era Ukip over the last 18 months has totally failed to provide a narrative for its existence. The same old bad strategy from the last election will give us the same old bad outcome and will kill Ukip.

Ukip requires fundamental change, modernisation and reform without it Ukip is heading on a path to irrelevance. After the last 18 months of disarray, many of us are beginning to wonder what’s the point of staying in the party.

Phillip Broughton – Former UKIP Leadership Candidate and UKIP Hartlepool parliamentary candidate in 2015 and 2017.

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