20 Jan 19 – Federer has blown a chance to beat Nadal in the semis and have an epic Australian Open final against Djokovic. And even worse Roger is making a major error in playing the clay court season this year

Well, I was hoping that Federer would get the chance to play Nadal and give Rafa another beating like he has the last 5 times they have played. But looking at the draw Nadal was the last opponent I was worried about for Roger. Roger simply has Nadal’s number at the moment but he had to get to the match first. Tsitsipas was a dangerous opponent and having watched Roger play him at the Hopman cup recently I knew he was a rising star who has the skills to be a future superstar and so it has unfortunately proved today. It’s very disappointing that Federer has lost as I think he would have destroyed Nadal in the semis and although I don’t think he would have beaten Djokovic in the final it would have been an epic final and I still believe that Federer is really at his best still the only person who can seriously challenge Novak’s dominance. Today is a big setback, a massive opportunity wasted to beat Nadal and to play and maybe win a last Australian Open final.

And what is worse about this result today is that Federer is making a major error in saying he is going to play the clay court season this year. I cannot for the life of me understand why he is doing this it makes no strategic sense at all. Roger has now lost the rankings points from Australia and won’t retain the title. Playing the clay court is a waste of time, energy and possibly will make it less likely that he can win Wimbledon. Playing the French is a pointless unnecessary distraction from what should be the central goal which is Wimbledon. It makes no sense what so ever to waste all the effort playing on the clay courts and the French Open which he won’t win.

I think the fear that us Federer fans must have is that in what could be Federer’s last or second last season he’s basically going to throw away any chance to win more grand slams by playing the wrong schedule. The reason Federer has been so successful the last two years 2017 and 2018 winning 3 more Grand Slams is he has been smart about where and when he plays. Federer has become the master over the years of maximising his best chances at certain events and Grand Slams to give himself the best possible chance of winning. Playing the clay court season is a major mistake and could ruin any chance he could have of winning Wimbledon. And realistically Wimbledon is the one slam I think he has the best chance of winning this year now that he has lost in Australia.

Wimbledon should be the central focus of this season and by playing the clay court season will it distract and drain his energy and efforts from Wimbledon a slam he could win at peak energy levels to the French open which even at his best I don’t believe he has any realistic chance of winning. This makes no sense at all. I believe Federer could have just hit the self-destruct button on his chance of winning more grand slams with this silly decision to play the clay court season.

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