26 Jan 19 – Djokovic will beat Nadal as he always does in the Australian Open final tomorrow

Djokovic will beat Nadal tomorrow in the Australian Open final as he always does. Nadal’s big problem is that he simply can’t beat Federer or Djokovic. Over the last 5 years, Federer and Djokovic have dominated Nadal. Nadal is very lucky to be in this final if Federer hadn’t of been knocked out Roger would of beat Nadal in the semi-finals. I don’t even think Federer at his best could beat Novak right now.  The way Novak is dominating at the moment I can honestly see Djokovic possibly winning all 4 Grand Slam titles this year.

And finally, for all the stupid tennis experts writing off Federer I suggest you read any of those types of articles over the last ten years. Wrong then and wrong now. Certain people going on about the Djokovic and Nadal final tomorrow let me remind you that Federer has won the last two Australian Open titles. And one last thing yes Djokovic and Nadal are good but remember Federer still has the three most important stats that back him being the GOAT of tennis 1) Most Grand Slams titles, 2) Most World titles and 3) Most titles overall too.

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