3 Jul19 – Federer or Djokovic will win Wimbledon and Frankly Nadal hasn’t got a prayer

First and foremost there is no seeding controversy what so ever at Wimbledon this year. Nadal’s pathetic moaning about the seedings when Federer and Djokovic have won Wimbledon 8 and 4 times compared to Nadal’s 2 titles and dismissal run between 2012 and 2017 where he didn’t get beyond the Quarter finals is laughable. Nadal sucks on the grass and everyone knows it. The two titles he has won – one was a miracle he managed one time to beat Federer on the grass in 2008 final which was so close Federer could have won that Wimbledon title too. And 2010 where he beat Berdych no great achievement at all. Djokovic and Federer are the best two players on grass and the record shows that they have outperformed Nadal at this tournament virtually every year. Remember Nadal has been beaten down at Wimbledon by players like Darcis, Brown, Kyrgios, Muller and Rosol. Nadal really is quite embarrassing complaining about the Wimbledon seedings when his record at Wimbledon recently has been absolutely pathetic. It really is laughable.

Now I’m going to be very clear here. I want Nadal to win his matches and get to the semi-finals so that Federer can absolutely wipe the floor with him on the grass. I don’t want Nadal to lose early and yet again avoid a Federer mauling on grass as he has for so many years. But unfortunately Kyrgios is playing Nadal in the second round and with Nadal being so poor on grass I can see Kyrgios beating Nadal and if he doesn’t then let us not forget that Shapolov and Cilic are also in Nadal’s way so he might get beat by them too.

It’s a shame because for me my ideal scenario would be Federer beats Nadal in the semi-final and then beats Djokovic in the final. Now I know Federer would beat Nadal, but to beat Djokovic Federer will have to play his very best aggressive attacking tennis but I think he can do and I hope he does.

And finally – Nadal says but I can’t complain but……….

Complains about missing 15 slams because of injuries – well who’s fault is that. Maybe if he had managed his schedule better that wouldn’t have happened.

Complains that knees hurt more on grass – well don’t play it then. Skip the grass if it hurts your knees so much.

Complains he has come against tough opponents on grass – happens to everyone, everyone else gets on with it. And virtually everyone else doesn’t get beat by lesser players so many times as he does at Wimbledon.

Complains about seedings at Wimbledon – well play more grass, win more on the grass and you’ll be seeded higher like everyone else.

“But I can’t complain” well Rafa you are complaining and you should stop being a moaning complaining bitch and get on with it. And people wonder why so many people can’t stand Nadal. I agree with Nick Kyrgios Nadal is super salty especially when things don’t go his way, he acts like a child, always moans about everything and always comes up with excuses when he gets beat a complete and utter waste of space.

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