12 Apr 17 – Hartlepool Headland & Harbour by-election campaigning

Headland by election 12 april 2017

#UkipHartlepool out campaigning for Tom Cassidy for the Headland & Harbour by-election on May 4th #VoteUkip #Ukip

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7 Apr 17 – Trump wrong to bomb Syria

Trump shouldn’t be bombing Syria every problem in the world is not America and Britain’s responsibility. UN should do something for once. https://twitter.com/Phil_Broughton/status/850311818451058689
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6 Apr 17 – Brexit backsliding already from the Tories

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5 Apr 17 – Phillip Broughton Fighting for Brexit video

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29 Mar 17 – My comments on Brexit being triggered and Ukip’s future

Today the time has finally arrived the time so many of us have long dreamed of. Today article 50 will be triggered and Britain will begin the process of leaving the EU. This is a proud moment for all of us in UKIP. I like many of us have campaigned for this country to leave the EU all my political life. If the government does this right then Britain will regain its freedom, independence and sovereignty. We will get the control of laws, money, trade deals and borders back.

So yes today we in UKIP celebrate that we have forced the political establishment, the Tory and Labour parties to accept our core political aim. While we celebrate our great success in achieving the conversion of the two old parties to Britain leaving the EU it is also a moment when we should think about our future as a political party.

We in UKIP have won the arguments on Brexit on the EU and Immigration we must now as I have said many times broaden the message of the party beyond these two subjects to talk about the other issues the NHS, economy and law and order etc. We also have to change the tone of the party to appeal to more people. Putting it bluntly UKIP must now put forward a common sense, patriotic domestic policy agenda for the Post Brexit world and focus relentlessly on it. A failure to do these things would consign UKIP to political irreverence.

Phillip Broughton – Former UKIP Leadership Candidate

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27 Mar 17 – Hartlepool schools funding cuts show that the May government has nothing to do with fairness

The May government keeps saying a country that works for everyone but the rhetoric doesn’t match the reality. One of the best examples of this is the government’s approach to school funding. The government is going to cut school funding for the less well of northern areas that the Tories don’t control and spend more on the well of southern Tory heartlands.

Hartlepool schools will lose out on almost £900,000 of funding under new rules, says an education think-tank. The Education Policy Institute (EPI) has analysed the impact of the new National Funding Formula for schools nationwide.

The figures show Hartlepool would receive £60,229,688, a cut of £873,225 on the current figure and the equivalent of a 1.4% budget cut. The EPI Policy Institute has looked at what the impact will be and who the winners and losers are. So while Hartlepool schools see cuts to school funding other areas such as Eastbourne won’t see a single school lose out in cash terms, the East Sussex area gets an increase of 2.5% and the Somerset area gets a 5.1% increase in funding the EPI claims. This is completely unfair and tells you the real agenda of this Tory government.

The EPI says there are unlikely to be any schools in England which will avoid a real terms cut in per pupil funding by 2019-20, and up to half of primary schools and around half of secondary schools will be faced with significant real cuts in funding per pupil of between 6 and 11 percent by 2019-20, the equivalent of losing almost two teachers across all primary schools and six across all secondary schools.

What the government should be doing is giving a fairness based funding formula which gives priority to the less well of areas the areas that need help the most. A good education can be the important start in life that helps build a child’s future. This government should not be cutting the educational ladder of opportunity away from the most disadvantaged they should be providing the means to help them achieve their full potential.

School funding should be funded on the basis of need, not the political territorial area you live in. I strongly urge the government to match their fine words with real action. A failure to meet this test will prove that this government isn’t interested in school funding fairness but simply their own political gain.

Phillip Broughton – UKIP Hartlepool General election candidate 2015

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21 Mar 17 – Hartlepool Labour’s lies on UKIP NHS policy shows just how desperate they are

Once again Hartlepool labour is putting out the lie about NHS privatisation and UKIP. They do it all the time they lie and misrepresent our NHS policy because they know firstly we are the true threat to them politically and also because they want to deflect from their own terrible record of NHS privatisation under Tony Blair.

The fact is UKIP’s NHS policy is clear for everyone to see in our 2015 manifesto. UKIP will keep the NHS in the public sector and free at the point of use. We also pledged an extra 12 billion pounds to the NHS at the last election when the labour party wouldn’t even accept any extra money for the NHS at all.

Tony Blair’s Labour party started the privatisation of the NHS with the NHS act 2006, PFI and Foundations Hospitals.

  • When Labour came to power in 1997, spending on NHS managers was less than £190m. By 2010 this had increased by 450% to over £1bn per year.
  • Labour wasted £11bn of taxpayers’ money on a failed IT project which was eventually scrapped by the NHS in 2013.
  • Labour lumbered the NHS with vast PFI repayments ‐ £50 billion worth of loans which are costing £300 billion in repayments.
  • Labour started the privatisation of the NHS. They brought in the 2006 NHS Act that introduced competition into the NHS.
  • Labour introduced competition into the NHS: Competition Act 1998, Enterprise Act 2002 & Public Sector Procurement Regulations 2006.

The privatisation of our NHS ballooned under the last Labour government. UKIP believes the NHS should be about patient care, not filling the pockets of rich businessmen.

Labour know that UKIP is the only party that can beat them in Hartlepool as the last general election proved a vote for the Tories is a wasted vote that only keeps Labour in. At the last general election, I came within a 4% margin of taking Hartlepool for UKIP it was the fourth best result in the country and the best result for UKIP against the labour party in the whole country.

So don’t be fooled by the Labour party’s lies on UKIP’s NHS policy, we in UKIP Hartlepool always have and always will fight to protect our NHS and oppose the failed NHS privatisation done by past Labour and the current Tory government. The fact that Hartlepool Labour is putting out these lies once again only shows how truly desperate they are.

Phillip Broughton – UKIP Hartlepool General election candidate 2015

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