21 Mar 17 – Hartlepool Labour’s lies on UKIP NHS policy shows just how desperate they are

Once again Hartlepool labour is putting out the lie about NHS privatisation and UKIP. They do it all the time they lie and misrepresent our NHS policy because they know firstly we are the true threat to them politically and also because they want to deflect from their own terrible record of NHS privatisation under Tony Blair.

The fact is UKIP’s NHS policy is clear for everyone to see in our 2015 manifesto. UKIP will keep the NHS in the public sector and free at the point of use. We also pledged an extra 12 billion pounds to the NHS at the last election when the labour party wouldn’t even accept any extra money for the NHS at all.

Tony Blair’s Labour party started the privatisation of the NHS with the NHS act 2006, PFI and Foundations Hospitals.

  • When Labour came to power in 1997, spending on NHS managers was less than £190m. By 2010 this had increased by 450% to over £1bn per year.
  • Labour wasted £11bn of taxpayers’ money on a failed IT project which was eventually scrapped by the NHS in 2013.
  • Labour lumbered the NHS with vast PFI repayments ‐ £50 billion worth of loans which are costing £300 billion in repayments.
  • Labour started the privatisation of the NHS. They brought in the 2006 NHS Act that introduced competition into the NHS.
  • Labour introduced competition into the NHS: Competition Act 1998, Enterprise Act 2002 & Public Sector Procurement Regulations 2006.

The privatisation of our NHS ballooned under the last Labour government. UKIP believes the NHS should be about patient care, not filling the pockets of rich businessmen.

Labour know that UKIP is the only party that can beat them in Hartlepool as the last general election proved a vote for the Tories is a wasted vote that only keeps Labour in. At the last general election, I came within a 4% margin of taking Hartlepool for UKIP it was the fourth best result in the country and the best result for UKIP against the labour party in the whole country.

So don’t be fooled by the Labour party’s lies on UKIP’s NHS policy, we in UKIP Hartlepool always have and always will fight to protect our NHS and oppose the failed NHS privatisation done by past Labour and the current Tory government. The fact that Hartlepool Labour is putting out these lies once again only shows how truly desperate they are.

Phillip Broughton – UKIP Hartlepool General election candidate 2015

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1 Mar 17 – My comments on the Douglas Carswell/Arron Banks spat

These attacks on Douglas Carswell need to stop. Arron Banks has given some money but that doesn’t entitle him to run the party.

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28 Feb 17 – My new office in Hartlepool

If you would like to write to my new Ukip office in Hartlepool the address is Suite 6, 10 Lower Church Street, Hartlepool, TS24 7DJ.

Also follow me on;

Twitter – @Phil_Broughton

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/phillipbroughtonukip

Website – http://www.philllipbroughton.wordpress.com

Youtube Channel – Phillip Broughton UKIP

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25 Feb 17 – My comments on the Stoke and Copeland by-election results

Stoke & Copeland results were terrible. These results should be a wake-up call for UKIP. We must talk about more than Immigration and EU.

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22 Feb 17 – Car parking charges at Seaton will damage Hartlepool’s businesses and tourism

Labour controlled Hartlepool council doesn’t understand businesses, tourism or public opinion.

The ridiculous and stupid decision to bring in car parking charges at Seaton will put more costs on business that are already struggling at a difficult economic time. Charges will also make a lot of people think twice about coming to visit and take much-needed revenue away from the area.

This arrogant and out of touch labour council ignores public opinion by going ahead with this proposal despite a petition of over 3,000 signatures against them. This useless labour lead council is ramming through these unjust and hopeless car parking charges against the express wishes of the Hartlepool public.

We in UKIP Hartlepool oppose these car parking charges and we will continue to campaign against car parking charges in Seaton and anywhere else.

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18 Feb 17 – The undemocratic scumbag Tony Blair should accept that Brexit is going to happen

It was outrageous to see yesterday possibly the worst Prime Minister this country has ever had Tony Blair basically demanding that the British people’s decision in the EU referendum last year be overturned.

Tony Blair and the rest of the remain establishment just can’t stand the fact that they lost the EU referendum. The British people rejected being governed by a supernational institution the EU, they rejected mass immigration and they rejected hundreds of millions of pounds being sent to an organisation that hasn’t had its accounts signed off by the auditors for over 20 years.

Blair is the typical establishment politician they get into government make a total mess, borrow billions, then get out and leave the massive disaster for someone else to clear up. It’s is ironic and funny how Blair loved democratic decisions when he won three elections when this country had to endure 10 years of his government which I would argue is still one of the root causes of many of the problems we have today. Blair’s legacy of privatisation of the NHS, massively increasing the national debt, allowing mass uncontrolled unlimited immigration into this country and the constant policy of military interventions into other countries affairs was a total disaster for Britain. And of course, his successors as Prime Minister Brown, Cameron and May have all been true Blairites and carried on his disastrous policies.

17.4 million people voted for Brexit in June last year that is the biggest democratic mandate of any kind in the history of this country and a bigger mandate than Blair got in 1997.

Whether Blair or the career political class like or not Brexit is going to happen Britain will regain our freedom, independence and we will be a more prosperous country as a result.

It is now time the establishment and their cronies accepted the EU referendum result. They should stop moaning, complaining and get on with making a success of Brexit.

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6 Feb 17 – Federer’s Australian Open victory will cement his legacy as the greatest of all time

Who would have thought that after 6 months out injured in his first tournament since Wimbledon in July last year that Roger Federer would come back and win his 18th Grand Slam title?

I must admit heading into the Australian open a couple of weeks ago I was thinking if Roger played well he could get to the quarter-finals or possibly to the semi-finals. For Federer to win the whole thing was possibly one of the greatest achievements ever in the history of tennis.

Federer beat 4 quality top ten opponents on his way to his 5th Australian Open title in Melbourne he brushed aside Berdych, Nishikori, Wawrinka and his toughest nemesis Nadal in the final.

I have constantly said that Federer would get at least one more grand slam title but I always assumed it would be a Wimbledon or a US Open title. This Australian open title is without a doubt a major bonus for Roger and could spark him into more successes.

Federer beating Nadal in the final was perhaps the sweetest part of the whole thing. Roger has struggled against Nadal in the past, the match up and game styles simply do not stack up in Roger’s favour. In this final Federer at last against Nadal finally had a game plan and stuck to it. Roger was aggressive he kept attacking Nadal and the backhand that has always been a weakness was stronger and hit through the court far much faster thanks to Federer’s hard work and larger racquet.

With Federer now being on 18 grand slam titles and the gap between Nadal (14) and Djokovic (12) being 4 and 6 slams respectively I can’t see Rafa or Novak catching Roger. I still believe Federer will get at least one more slam either a Wimbledon or a US Open. I believe with this amazing 18th grand slam and Australian Open title win Roger Federer has indeed cemented his legacy as the greatest tennis player of all time.

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