23 June 17 – UKIP leadership contest statement

I will not be standing as a candidate in the UKIP leadership contest. Following the general election, I am taking a break from politics to consider my future.

When I stood in last year’s leadership contest I said that the party must broaden the message by talking about more than just Europe and immigration and we must change our tone. I warned if the party didn’t do these things it risked becoming irrelevant, following the disastrous results for UKIP in the general election two weeks ago my arguments have been proved right.

Instead of banging on about banning Burkas we need to bang on about the NHS, schools, law and order and the economy.

The party now faces a choice that it can no longer ignore change or die.

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10 Jun 17 – Taking a break from politics

Following the general election I am now going to take some time out of politics to consider my future.

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8 Jun 17 – My comments on the election campaign

Now that the polls have closed I just wanted to say a big thank you to the small number of people who have helped with the campaign. We have had very few resources and little man power. It’s been a long month of 10 hour days every day. We have managed to get 93% of seat canvassed in 4 weeks which I think is an amazing achievement. Myself and the small team have given it our all. Also I want to say thank you to all my friends, family and supporters for all the messages of support too.

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19 Apr 17 – Phillip Broughton BBC TV Interview 19 Apr 17


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12 Apr 17 – Hartlepool Headland & Harbour by-election campaigning

Headland by election 12 april 2017

#UkipHartlepool out campaigning for Tom Cassidy for the Headland & Harbour by-election on May 4th #VoteUkip #Ukip

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7 Apr 17 – Trump wrong to bomb Syria

Trump shouldn’t be bombing Syria every problem in the world is not America and Britain’s responsibility. UN should do something for once. https://twitter.com/Phil_Broughton/status/850311818451058689
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6 Apr 17 – Brexit backsliding already from the Tories

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